Ronda aerial view


Not for nothing is Ronda the third most-visited destination in southern Spain
– its two halves lie either side of the El Tajo gorge.

The two sides are connected by the spectacular “New Bridge”.

The Puente Nuevo is Ronda’s most famous attraction and was completed in 1793 after 40 years in construction.

But there are 2 other bridges worth a look.
– Puente Viejo (Old Bridge), which dates from 1616,
– Puento Romano, which dates from the Moorish period.

Ronda Bridge

Ronda is the birthplace of the modern Spanish bullfight and the home town of its greatest dynasty.

It is obviously not for all – but there are several daily tours of the bullring and you can learn more about the controversial spectacle that takes place within it, at the excellent museum

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